Why Choose Us?

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

What sets us apart from others?

Server Administrator Experts

Our staff aren’t web developers, though we are well versed, our staff are expert server administrators.

Our goal is to make the server run as quickly and efficiently as possible, and the good news for you? The faster we can make your site load, the less load there is on the server!

What developers don’t know about, the multitude of caches that exist, the way the web server creates processes and handles threads, and even the way it accesses RAM are all our standard affair. That’s why we can make your site run so much faster, with so little affect on your underlying code!

Not your standard Reseller

Most web hosting companies offer a wholesale ‘reseller’ account that a lot of hosts use in order to host customers sites.
Why are these accounts inferior?

Because they have very limited resources per account, and each server shares resources with about 1,000 other cpanel accounts.

We host services on servers that have a fraction of the accounts located on it, and are able to increase the resources available to each account, ensuring your site has enough power to do it’s job!

Also our accounts aren’t all located on one server, but distributed across 100’s of servers ensuring our servers are never overloaded.

All in one package

We don’t just do your standard hosting, plonk your site on the server and forget about it while collecting the cheque.
We constantly monitor your site to make sure it’s online.

When attacks on the site OR the server happen, we are notified straight away and take steps to mitigate it. That’s right, it isn’t just about monitoring your site, other websites being attacked can negatively affect your site as well, monitoring the entire server is something most resellers can’t do, but we can!

We also constantly make sure your site has no missing updates, as well as ensuring you have both onsite hourly backups, and a daily offsite backup, protecting you no matter what happens!

And lastly, we ensure your site is running as fast as possible. Our average is getting a website to load 300% faster than where it’s previous host is located!

Australian CDN

We use a Worldwide CDN that has multiple server locations in Australia, 5 in fact!
This ensures that your customers get the best possible access speeds to your site no matter where they are in the country.

International visitors? No worries, the CDN also has serves all over the world, so you get a consistent performance no matter the country!

Money back Guarantee!

If we can’t make your site load faster, you get your money back!