Frequent Questions

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

  • I’m using a Cache plugin, isn’t that enough?

While the average developer might tell you as much, that isn’t the case. There is actually 4 caches involved in every website, amd they can all be harnessed to speed up your site!
  • I have a very secure password, won’t that keep me protected?

Unfortunately not, while it can stop a person typing a password and guessing yours, it won’t be enough to stop a computer from brute forcing it. Computers are capable of trying millions of passwords in a very short time period. And with bot networks, they can attempt it from 10s of thousands of locations!
  • I have X security plugin, that will keep me safe won’t it?

Unfortunetly, no matter how good the security plugin, it still can’t do as much as security at a server level, instead of a site level. These plugins do a fair bit of work, but also slow down your site and can’t detect things like DDoS attacks on your site. They also often disable extra protection vital to keeping your site safe, like Modsec.
Why does it disable Modsec? Most resellers are not able to customise Modsec, due to not having enough access, and Modsec can interfere with WordPress. Since this is a common issues, it’s easier to disable Modsec than work through the problems.
At 360 Hosting, we have Modsec set in such a way that it won’t affect your site, and if there is a particular rule causing issues, we can get it modified or removed.
  • I’ve updated my site and broken it before, will this happen here?

We do our backups in a staged manner. What this means is that we first back up your site, then we copy it to a new location, run the updates and make sure nothing breaks.
Once we are sure the site will continue working as expected, we go ahead and update the original site. This means your site won’t go down due to a bad update, and if the worse should happen, we have a full backup that can be restored straight away!
  • What’s the difference between a software & physical firewall?

A software firewall is a program that runs on the server that stops traffic from reaching the server that shouldn’t. While they can be quite powerful, due to the load they generate on the server, they usually are setup in a more basic configuration to help the servers.
A physical firewall however is a totally seperate device that doesn’t affect the performance of the server. It is capable of much more advanced & intelligent configurations due to this. Ours are professionally configured to keep out unwanted pests, as well as react to new threats. Best of all, as malicous users become apparent, they are blocked on the physical firewall ensuring they never even make it to the server!
We utilise both physical and software firewalls for the most advanced protection!
  • What is a CDN (Content Distribution Network)?

A Content Distribution Network is a large collection of servers located all around the world that host a copy of your website that is auto-updated from your main hosting server. The main benefits to this would be how much faster your site loads for people in other locations.
Our servers are located in Sydney, so if someone from Adelaide wants to see your site, the data has to travel to Sydney, however with a CDN that isn’t the case, they can visit the local server in Adelaide!
The benefits are even greater the further you are, have international customers? They’ll get their site just as fast!
Another huge benefit? It massively shares the load of showing your site to users. Which means if you have a large influx of customers visit your site, your site won’t slow down and fail to load for customers!
  • I have a free Cloudflare account, do I need a CDN?

YES! A very strong yes! Cloudflare actually routes it’s Australian free traffic via Singapore, massively¬†slowing down your site, not speeding it up!
All of our traffic (in Australia) will come from one of 5 Australian based servers, whichever is closest. Whereas your free Cloudflare will go from the local Sydney server, to Singapore, and then to the customer, a very bad idea!

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